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How to choose the Best Zombies Experience

Our top ten tips for  your ideal adventure experience  fighting the Undead. 1. What happens on a Zombies experience? You go into a 'deserted' building with some other people. You're armed with a paintball gun, or something similar. The building is usually dark. People pretending to be zombies jump out at you, hopefully when you're not expecting it, and try to wrestle you to the ground. If you shoot them with your provided weapon, it stops them attacking and they are out of the game so far as you are concerned. If they win, then you join their ranks and become a Zombie yourself - so effectively losing the game. The aim is to survive and come out the other end as not a zombie. It is important to remember that the people leaping out at you are not real Zombies.  There are a number of reasons for this: if you were infected by real zombies and became a zombie yourself, your relatives could sue the life out of the experience provider who would certainly go bust. if you…
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