Alpacas are like llamas, but smaller, more friendly and kinder. They also have sweeter little faces and nice fringes. Not that there’s anything wrong with llamas, but one or two of them have been known to spit and bite if they’re not very happy with the way things are going. Whereas with the llama’s smaller brother, the alpaca, there’s none of that. This makes alpaca trekking suitable for all ages, from very young to very not-so-young as you can are sure that they’ll always be on their best behaviour.

Alpaca Trekking in Norfolk keeps it nice and simple, with an alpaca experience you can buy by the hour. You can buy for groups of three and under, and groups of up to six people. All walks are along the Norfolk coastline – the shorter walks stay around wells Wells and the longer walks go on to Stiffkey about 5 miles away.


So if you’re in Norfolk, and especially near Wells-next-the-sea, and looking for a family experience¬†with animals, then alpaca trekking could be just the thing for you. Don’t forget your chopped apple for the alpacas.


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