Apocalypse Events is home to the famous Zombie S.W.A.T training experience. Zombie S.W.A.T training includes the use of 3 types of weaponry – airsoft, laser tag and paintball guns, and it’s intense! The experience starts with training on how to use the weapons and how best to disable zombies. Then you step inside the battle zone and come face to face with zombies, intent on eating your brains, or whatever zombies do these days.

This is one of the UK’s scariest and violent zombie experiences, and we think it’s awesome.

What you need to take part

You must be physically fit, emotionally sound and over 12 years old. If you’re buying for kids aged between 12 and 16 you’ll need to let the company know as soon as possible because they like to make sure you know what you’re letting them in for.

This experience is really, really intense. Think zombies, screaming, terror, gore, and it lasts for approximately 3.5 hours. Great if you’re into fighting for your life for half a day, maybe a little too much for the average 12 year old. (Although we’re old and out of touch, and still think kids love My Little Pony and pogs, when really they’re playing GTA V and smack talking Americans on XBox.)


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