You don’t need snow for husky racing, but you do need plenty of dogs, and this is where Arctic Quest comes in. The park is home to some lovely huskies and some really professional husky mushing experience days.

What happens on the husky rides?
The experiences are special because you will get fully involved with the pack, with plenty of hands-on time with the team. You will learn how to take charge of the racing rig with huskies as your lead – and these dogs can go pretty fast. Luckily they have slower dogs to suit learners, and faster dogs for anyone who fancies a bit of super-dog speed.

And the individual experiences?

You can choose between mushing tasters, one-hour mushing training and the full mushing experience with 2 full hours of husky fun. If you want to spend even longer in the area, they have a traditional Sami Tipi or Herder’s Hut that you can rent out too, complete with campfire, hides, furs and beds. (But no extra dogs unfortunately, they have to go home to bed!)


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