Celebrating its fiftieth anniversary in 2018, award-winning Banham zoo boasts some 2000 animals set in fifty acres of rural Norfolk.

Animal experiences available at Banham Zoo

  • Feed the meerkats experience
  • Feed the giraffes experience
  • Fly birds of prey experience
  • Bir cats experience
  • Animal trainer experience
  • Zoo keeper for a day
  • Heavy Horse experience

Heavy Horse Experience

We know how people love big cats, meerkats and other regular wildlife, but for us, the Heavy Horse Experience is what sets Banham Zoo apart from other zoos.¬†While not exactly your regular ‘wild animals’ – and in fact these gentle giants are as tame as they come – heavy horses are a dying breed in this country.

Where once they were relied upon for ploughing, haulage and other hard work, these guys have been superseded by machines and motorised vehicles.

But at Banham you’ll be able to find out all about the different heavy horse breeds, groom and prepare them for work, harness them up to a waggon or cart and enjoy a real Heavy Horse Driving Experience.

Experiencey Top Tip

For any friends or relatives who remember, or have been told stories of the Good Old Days when the country relied upon Heavy Horses, this would make a fantastic surprise gift.



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