Belfast zoo opened in 1935 and, covering some 55 acres, is home to over 100 species, most of them threatened in the wild and in danger of extinction. A range of Animal Experiences is on offer, one of your few chances to get close to wild and endangered animals in the North of Ireland.

Animal Experiences

  • Zoo Keeper for a day
  • Meet the penguins
  • Meet the lemurs
  • Meet the giraffes

Belfast zoo’s Keeper for a day experiences are specific to certain animals – they began with the elephant Keeper for a day experience. And the zoo is working hard to extend the number and type of keeper experiences it offers, so keep an eye on their website if the one you want isn’t there yet.

The experiences to meet the penguins, giraffes or lemurs are a good insider view without the mucking-out!! – so are highly enjoyable in their own right and mainly involve feeding the creatures.

Yes, just like you and me, wild animals love their food, and the fastest way to their hearts is through their stomachs!

Experiencey Top Tip

Belfast zoo is one of Northern Ireland’s oldest and most popular visitor attractions.

They are passionate about conservation and education, and their stated aim is to make sure that all visitors, whether on an Experience Day or not, have a day to remember.


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