We’ve found a new favourite place for experience days – The Big Cat Sanctuary. The park specialises in one thing and does it really well: big cats, obviously!

The park works hard in breeding endangered big and small cats as well as a being sanctuary for retired cats. But it’s not a zoo – you can’t just turn up and expect to look around, but that gives it more of an exclusive feel when you buy one of their experience days. It’s really a large private collection of cats that’s not open to the public, so you feel really lucky to be allowed inside.

If you love cats, you’ll love these experiences:

Big cat experiences:

  • Big cat encounters – a 2 hour guided tour where you get to feed one of the cats by hand
  • Ranger for the day (choose from weekend or weekday) – as above, but with a duration of 6 hours. Preparing and delivering food to the cats, cleaning out enclosures and shadowing the keepers.

Big cat photography experiences:

  • One to one photography workshop
  • Four person photography workshop
  • Sundowner photography workshop
  • Group photography workshop

We can’t reiterate enough that if you know someone who likes big cats and they’re close enough to Kent, you need to buy them an experience from the Big Cat Sanctuary. It’s just such a brilliant place and you can tell that the cats love it too.


The cats you’ll find at the sanctuary:

Tigers, leopards, snow leopards, lions, jaguars, pumas, caracals, lynx, cheetahs, clouded leopards, pallas cats, jungle cats, servals…. If it’s a cat and you can think of it, they’re probably looking after one.

Experiencey top tip

The Big Cat Sanctuary runs a lot of the big cat experiences sold by the big experience companies but if you book direct you can get more choice and save money. Remember it’s not a zoo so you won’t get to see them cats without buying an experience.


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