Birdworld is set in the heart of Surrey and features Bird World, Jenny Wren Farm and Underwater World to give an all-round bird centred location for some great experiences.

Animal Experiences

  • Penguins feeding experience
  • Owls handling experience
  • Junior farm keeper for the day
  • Keeper for the day

Penguins, flamingos, parrots and owls feature strongly in the plumed repertoire here at Birdworld, with each housed in a fitting environment and just waiting to be photographed when you get there.

Everybody loves feeding penguins, but on the off-chance you fancy something a little less fishy, then there’s nothing to beat a bit of owl handling. Imagine these stealthy silent killers of the night perched on your hand, taking off so quietly that you can’t even hear their wings flapping, or zooming down out of nowhere to take a titbit out of your gloved hand!

And at the same time give a little prayer of thanks that you’re not a mouse!!

Experiencey Top Tip

The Jenny Wren Farm is a brilliant place for little ones to get up close with some real live animals who will provide hours of endless fun and mischief. Our favourites here are the goats, naughty little fellows, who just love nuzzling your pockets to see if there’s anything to eat in there.


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