Llama trekking experiences are a bit thin on the ground in Wales. We’ve got no idea why because it’s a beautiful place, but Blackrock Llamas is a great example of how to do it. Based in sunny Llandudno, a few minutes from Porthmadog and Blackrock Sands, Blackrock give you a choice of llama treks and llama experiences, (and the tripadvisor reviews are universally awesome).

Llama trekking experiences
One of the specific walks that’s mentioned is the half day trek, which includes a leisurely walk with your own llama, taking in stunning views, rivers and forest scenery. Blackrock’s website intriguingly says that ‘a range of treks available to suit all needs’ but they don’t tell us exactly what else is available so you’ll probably need to give them a call to find out exactly what’s on offer.

Llama experiences
The llama experience lasts about 90 minutes and gives you a chance to meet, handle and feed the friendly llamas. You can take them for a short walk and try a bit of llama agility on an obstacle course, which is as bizarre as it sounds.

Experiencey top tip

Take your wellies or walking shoes if the weather has been bad because the terrain is uneven.



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