Enjoy some of the finest animal experiences in the West Country at Bristol Zoo.

  • Lion feeding experience
  • Gorilla experience – huge and surprisingly human
  • Zookeeper for the day (16+)
  • Junior Zookeeper for the day (6 to 15 years)
  • Gardener for the day – yes get dug in there with the zoo’s gardening team.
  • Meet the Penguins
  • Meet the Lemurs
  • Meet the Meerkats
  • Meet the Red Pandas
  • Meet the Giant Tortoise
  • Meet the Fruit Bats

Now looking at this fine selection, we know you’ll all have your own favourites.

Feeding the lions always goes down well, and you can do it without any danger of getting your hand bitten off!

Or we do like getting right up close to the gorillas, where they study you as much as you study them! You’ll end up wondering which of you should be inside the zoo and which one outside!!

But we do recommend checking out the Gardener for the Day experience – At Bristol, the gardens are extensive and fantastic, and this would make a splendid and most unusual gift for anyone in the family with green fingers. Get the inside information of the wealth of plants and flowers that abound in this wonderful zoo park, and find out what you should be doing in your own back garden. And why!

Experiencey Top Tip

If you’re wanting to experience animals but your budget is tight, then check out the Meet the Animals packages. You get a shorter time, sure, but can meet some of the most endearing furry little creatures at a low price that will amaze you.

Red Pandas at a bargain price? Let me at ’em!

And remember that Fruit Bats are furry too! They’re not at all spooky like you’d expect, and we’re pretty sure that if you pick the Fruit Bat experience, you’ll come away loving these brilliant little critters!


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