If you know someone who likes the idea of being a beekeeper but has no experience, a beekeeping experience from Buzzy Work in Sheffield is a good place to start.

Buzzy Work run theirĀ beekeeping experience throughout the beekeeping season, usually from April through til September. This is very much an introduction to beekeeping for real beginners. While the event is aimed at newcomers and is a great way to experience bees for the first time and learn if beekeeping is really for you.

The experience last 2 hours and gives a practical introduction into the world of bees and beekeeping and looks at the various tasks a beginner beekeeper needs to master. Here’s a list of the typical things you’ll be doing on this experience:

  • Examining hives and their structure
  • Learning to use a bee suit, a smoker, and the hive tool (full bee suits are provided)
  • Opening a hive and remove frames for inspection
  • Identifying castes of the honeybee (queen, worker and drones)
  • Finding the queen and recognising the brood and honey
  • Learning about disease management.

If you click through to their website you can see which dates are available and choose to buy a special printed gift voucher too.




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  1. Lovely people
    By Dave - December 20, 2017

    Attended this course in 2017. Lovely people and a great insight into beekeeping

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