Chester Zoo is enormous, and so it’s only right that they should have some of the UK’s best animal experience days.

Here’s a list of the experience days you can buy direct from Chester Zoo:

  • Rhino Encounter
  • Aardvark Encounter
  • Elephants Experience
  • Fruit Bat Encounter
  • Giraffe Encounter
  • Lemur Island Encounter
  • Advanced Photography Course
  • Photography Workshop
  • Penguin Island Encounter
  • Meerkat Encounter
  • Zoo Keeper for a Day
  • Gardener for a Day

At Chester Zoo they have a really professional setup, as you’d expect from Britain’s biggest zoo. They’re experts at managing visitors and at running animal experiences efficiently. The park maybe lacks the friendly, family run ethos of other zoos, but when you get one on one with the keepers they’ve still got the same universal love of animals they you’ll see elsewhere.

Stand out experiences

Where do we start? If you’ve been to Chester zoo you’ll know about the bat cave. It’s an enormous dark hangar filled with different sorts of free-flying bats. For bat-lovers it’s a one-of a kind experience, and if you don’t like bats, or if you’re a banana or whatever fruit bats eat, I’d recommend staying outside!

The fruit bat experience lets you get even closer to the bats and to be fair, fruit bats are like tiny foxes with wings and they’re very cute, which makes the experience one of our favourites.

We also like the gardening experience. It reminds us of adults who used to go to Alton Towers when we kids, and they just walked round the gardens to our bemusement. That sounds like a good idea now so we must be getting old!

The animal experiences and overall setup is second to none at Chester Zoo. Bear in mind that the experiences often sell out, especially the elephant experiences, so if you see one available it might be best to snap it up straight away!


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