Bees are brilliant – furry, striped, quite docile most of the time, and best of all they make lots and lots of lovely honey. And of course if bees weren’t around to pollinate plants for us, then  lots of us would starve too as many of the plants we eat wouldn’t grow at all.

If you’re keen on bees (how can anybody not be?) and want to find out more, then you can choose which of these beekeeping experiences suits you.

Beekeeper Experiences at City Bees

  • Visit a beehive
  • Beekeeper for a day
  • Beekeeper for a half-day


The Beehive visits are a nice compact introduction to beekeeping, bees and how to look after them.

While the beekeeper for a day/half-day experiences get you right in there with the keeper, doing all the jobs that beekeepers do and providing a good foundation of knowledge to let you see if beekeeping is a hobby that you’d like to take up yourself.

Experiencey Top Tip

While bees are basically friendly, peaceable little insects, they can sting – and indeed sometimes take it the wrong way when somebody comes in and steals all the honey that they’ve spent weeks carefully making.

So for this reason, all of the beekeeping experiences, however long or short, will involve wearing protective clothing and one of those masks to cover your face and keep you safe from harm.

They’re not at all like wasps, which can be a bit aggressive at times and, if they’re that way out, sting you for the fun of it. But look at it from the bees’ point of view : how would you like it if you’re quietly going about your business and some huge person barges in and robs you? You might be inclined to sting a bit, eh?


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