Set in 27 acres of spectacular North Devon countryside, this wildlife park is a family-run business that has over 30 years of history. Apart from the Dinosaurs (which aren’t real!), they have a selection of animal experiences to make your visit to North Devon special.

Animal Experiences

  • Carnivore breakfast
  • Feed the lions
  • Sea lion meet and greet
  • Shadow a keeper
  • Swim with the sea lions

With real lions or sea lions to choose from, it’s going to be hard deciding which you prefer.

Experiencey top tip

Animal experiences are brilliant, but if you’ve never swum with the sea lions, then you’ve never lived!

They’re ungainly on land as they waddle about honking and begging for fish, but put these furry beauties in the water and you wouldn’t believe the transformation. Get in and swim with them, and even if you’re Michael Phelps, they’ll make you look as though you need water wings. You’re in their element now, not yours, and boy can’t you tell.

But because they’re naturally playful and curious, they’re as interested in you as you are in them. So it’s a real fun experience and one you’l remember for a long long time.

You’re even provided with a wet suit, if you want one, and of course you get to shower afterwards so you go home clean and shiny. Give it a go, and make sure there’s somebody with you to capture the whole thing on video.



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