Did you know that the UK has it’s very own crocodile zoo? We did, because they run experience days and we know everything about those!

Crocodiles Of The World have all sorts of reptiles, including alligators, caimans and monitor lizards, but the experiences revolve mainly around crocodiles.

What experience days can i buy from Crocodiles of the World?

  • Adult Croc Keeper
  • Junior Croc Keeper – ages 6 and up
  • Meet The Meerkats Experience
  • Monitor Lizard
  • VIP Experience

These experiences run throughout the year, and they’re fairly self explanatory. If you’re mad on crocodiles and lizards, or know someone who is, then we can’t recommend these experiences highly enough. And our favourite experience day is the VIP experience.

So what happens on the VIP experience?

Lizards, reptiles and crocodiles to the max – that’s what happens!

This is the ultimate, day long package. You’ll meet the¬†crocodiles, alligators, caimans, and giant tortoise. Shadow the keepers all through the day and eventually (after a bit of training) get to hold a crocodile. It costs plenty, but if you’re thinking of a big present for a lizard lover, you can’t go far wrong with this!



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