Dartmoor zoo is a nice friendly zoo which runs a few good animal experience days. Here’s a list:

  • Junior keeper for a day – ages 8-15
  • Meet the tigers
  • Big cat keeper for a day
  • ‘We Bought a Zoo’ Tour with, Benjamin Mee

As always the keeper for a day will depend on the animals, but the typical experience will include coatis, meerkats, monkeys, raccoons, watching the big cat feed and then helping with the tapirs and capybaras in the afternoon.

In a similar way, the big cat keeper experience varies by day, but you’ll normally get the opportunity to prepare the meat for the big cats, bears and wolves, and then help with other zookeeper duties. There’s an opportunity to feed the lions and tigers in the afternoon.

‘We Bought a Zoo’ tour

Special mention has to go to the ‘We Bought a Zoo’ tour. If you’ve seen the movie you might be surprised to hear it was written by.Benjamin Mee, Director of Dartmoor Zoo and based on his inspirational story. The film was set in America, but this zoo is the real character behind the story.

And one of the experience days available here is a full zoo tour with Benjamin Mee as a very special tour guide. Anyone who loves the book and film will be more than entertained by Benjamin’s very personal story of how the zoo was set up, and will get to meet the animals which helped to make it such a thrilling story.

And as well as getting first hand information about the animals and their own back stories, you’ll also get to interact with some of them including the tigers, deer and otters.



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