We’ve said it before, but we just love alpacas here at Experiencey. They’re like long-legged horse-sheep, with a really friendly nature.

Dunreyth Alpacas try to keep their walks to individual groups, rather than selling places on existing treks. Bookings are available from Wednesday to Sunday and you can arrange an experience for groups of two and over. At least two Alpacas need to be booked per walk because they’re herd animals so they won’t walk alone. If you want to book a trekking experience for a single walker it may be possible to book a place in with another group or pay a bit more and take two alpacas. (We’d personally pay to take them ALL!).


The Walk
The typical walk follows a track through woods to a view point and then retraces back to the start point. This walk takes just under an hour, then you can mix with the other Alpacas and watch the fleece processing process.

Oh we just love alpacas.



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