The Husky Experience is part of the Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation in Kent and runs Husky mushing experiences just 20 minutes outside London on top of the North Downs. There are several husky experiences you can choose from:

V.I.P Husky Kennel Tours – A behind the scenes tour of the sled dog centre. You can spend plenty of time playing with and cuddling the huskies in this hour-long experience. This is the only experience that takes place throughout the year.

The Husky 1 Day Experience – learn the skill of driving sled dogs on a 3 wheeled husky racing trike.

The Ultimate Husky Experience Package – A 2-day experience with survival camping and sled dogs.
You’ll be learning everything about looking after yourself your own sled dog team. This experience is seriously intense as you’ll be camping out in a tent overnight with a pack of excitable huskies. Luckily it’s in Southern England so it won’t be as cold as the frozen wastelands of Alaska.

These last two husky experiences include riding on a husky sled, and these experiences only run over the winter from October to March – We’re guessing that it’s so the dogs don’t get too hot. This timing means that you usually cannot buy experiences during the Spring, until new tickets released for the following season.

Experiencey top tip

These experiences only run through part of the year so they sell out pretty quickly. If you’re interested in buying one of these husky days then buy it quickly before it sells out.


Other Experiences at Eagle Heights

As well as huskies, Eagle Heights is also home to birds of prey including owls, eagles, vultures, hawks and falcons. You can buy hawking, eagle and owl experiences, as well as photography experiences giving you the opportunity to capture pictures of the birds.




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