You have to get up early in the morning if you want a husky ride at Forstal Siberian Huskies. That’s because they run at first light in the morning (very early in the summer) in order to catch the coldest temperatures. You’ll need to be up before dawn, but if it’s in the dog’s best interests it’s worth doing.

This is a small husky centre whose dogs work throughout the year, but the length and intensity of their runs varies depending on the weather. Remember that these dogs are bred for running through Siberia’s icy wastelands, not Norfolk.

Only husky rides as a passenger
You won’t get to ride with the huskies on your own – you’ll be the passenger while the trained husky musher drives, but this means you’ll be able to go really fast!

The experience normally runs 2 or 3 teams of 6 to 8 dogs at each session. The dogs pull a quad bike chassis which can carry one passenger at a time. There’s plenty of opportunity to ask questions, meet the huskies and handle them after their workout. The entire passenger ride experience takes around 3 hours but obviously the actual husky racing is only part of that.

Like all the husky experiences, you’ll need to be reasonably fit because you’ll get shaken around. This experience has a minimum age limit 16 years old.


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