Freddie’s Farm is home to Freddie, a professional sheepdog trainer and show person, and her fabulous border collies, ducks, sheep and assortment of other interesting animals. Set in the beautiful Blackdown Hills on the Devon/Somerset border, this farm is the home to a number of sheepdog demonstrations and experiences.

You can watch and admire, or you can take part yourself and learn the tips and inside tricks of the art of sheepdog handling. How do you start them off? How do you stop them? How do you turn them to the right or the left? Rest assured there’s a simple command for each of these that the dog will obey every single time (well, usually, anyway – after all, they’re only human!). And on your experience day you will learn these commands, how to use them and all the basics of running a real live sheepdog.

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This sheepdog experience is on a 1-to-1 basis and usually last from 10 am to 3 pm so you’ll get plenty of time with the dogs and learn how to work them like a professional. You’ll be working with a few different dogs, culmination in a really experienced dog and 100 sheep!

The basics are easier than you’d think, so on your sheepdog experience you’ll certainly be able to command the dog and watch your dog obey you unfailingly. But of course to reach professional standard and enter trials takes many years of training and experience so that you and your dog work in harmony together as one. After all, you as the shepherd are only standing there giving orders – it’s the dog who does all the running about and the hard work. A bit like home really for some of us!



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