This working alpaca farm specialises in breeding and sales of these brilliant little creatures, but also offers alpaca walks where you take them out on a halter, accompanied of course by an experienced alpaca handler. It’s a fine way to explore the Hampshire countryside while learning all about alpacas and how to handle them. The standard experience is for two people sharing one alpaca.

If you haven’t the space or money to get your own herd of alpacas, then walking with alpacas is the next best thing. And did you know that alpacas give off a gentle humming sound? What more do you want?!

Experiencey Top Tip

Alpacas are very social animals, and like nothing better than being with a bunch of other alpacas. So if you were thinking of buying an alpaca of your very own, then we’d advise Don’t! The little guy will get very lonely and insecure on his own, without any of his woolly friends, and you know what alpacas do when they get nervous and unhappy? They whistle. And the last thing you want is a whistling alpaca, so just go on an alpaca walk instead!


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