Horse and Husky probably has the biggest range of husky experiences in the UK today, and that’s before you get to the horses!

Your experience of dry-land mushing can be either as a passenger with the dogs under control of an experienced musher or self-driven after appropriate tuition. They have steady dogs learners and speedy dogs for experienced mushers who want a bit more adrenaline in their husky experiences.

Mushing experiences

The main experience at Horse and Husky is the flying solo experience. This is a 2 hour introduction to husky mushing, and you need to have completed this before they’ll let you lose on some of the more intense experiences.

The park runs several experiences for more experienced mushers, called the Gold and Silver Safaris. these aren’t available for learners because you need to know exactly what you’re doing when you’re thundering through the countryside with excitable dogs! The sand buggy experience is also only for experienced mushers, where a team of 4 dogs pulls you in a beach buggy. Huskytastic!

The mushing experiences go up to whatever level you can reach, including riding free on your own through the beautiful Lake District – but these are only for very experienced mushers!

Hiking with huskies

If you prefer a more sedate experience you can enjoy half a day of husky walking, or even have a run with huskies, called Canicross.

You can even take your own dog for sled dog training, where the team will help you train your own dog to pull a rig and mush for yourself. (this can be any breed within reason – they’ll need to be big and strong enough to pull you, so no sausage dogs or pomeranians! If you’re not sure just ask.)



Why we haven’t mentioned the horses at Horse and Husky

As the name suggests, Horse and Husky are also experts in horses too. Unfortunately as far as we can see you need to take your own horse so we can’t really class them as experience days. If you’ve got your own horse and fancy a bit of trail riding or natural horsemanship, take a look at the website to find out more!





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