Joseph certainly has some amazing camels, and you can ride them on one of the UK’s only camel trekking experience days.

On the three hour camel experience, you’ll start with tea and biscuits before helping to groom and tack up the camels. If you’ve ever groomed a horse, think of that but shaggier, twice as tall and twice as long. Actually, just image what grooming a camel would be like – it’s pretty much as ridiculous as you’d expect.

Once your camel is saddled up, the trek begins. Each participant gets their own camel led by their own handler. The actual trek lasts an hour and a bit and by the end of it you’ll be happy to get off! Well, mixed emotions because it’s uncomfortable bit it’s a camel, so what do you expect?

And after the experience you can enjoy a drink and strawberries – a civilised end to a cameltastic day!

The experience is suitable for kids, but children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. You can book online or by phone – just click through to the website to find out more.



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