Living Coasts is an innovative coastal zoo and aquarium, a charity with a firm commitment to conservation and education. Situated on the coast, it’s ideally placed to make the most of its maritime inhabitants, with a wide variety of fish and aquatic animals and birds for you to see.

Animal experiences at Living Coasts

  • Penguins experience
  • Rays experience
  • Seals experience
  • Otters experience
  • Zoo keeper experience
  • Junior zoo keeper experience
  • Diving with penguins experience

It’s not often that you get to feed rays, and if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, then this is indeed an unusual experience and well worth doing. Or you could see behind the scenes and find out what makes this wondrous maritime place tick by becoming a keeper for a day (junior keeper for the day if aged 8 to 15).

Experiencey Top Tip

Penguins look funny and ungainly as you normally come across them, tottering unsteadily on their feet. But put them underwater and you’ll see them for the graceful, powerful aquatic birds that they really are.

And if you’re a qualified diver then this is your chance to get your sub aqua kit on and go diving with the penguins.

Watch them twist and turn as they swim by you at incredible speeds, taking fish from your hand. They’re as interested in you as you are in them, and prove to be very inquisitive little fellows indeed. It’s not often that an experience like this, to meet them in their own environment, is offered, so well worth doing. But remember, you must be a qualified diver and must hold a diving certificate.


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