Here’s a list of the VIP experience days available at Longleat:

  • Lions experience
  • Gorillas experience
  • Giraffes experience
  • Big cats photographic VIP experience
  • Feeding tigers VIP experience
  • Feed a big cat experience
  • Giant anteaters experience
  • Marmosets experience
  • Meerkats experience
  • Red pandas experience
  • Reptiles experience (royal python, pancake tortoise, chameleon, tegus, and leopard gecko)
  • Bronze, silver and gold VIP safari tours
  • Winter VIP safari tour

Longleat runs one of the rarest animal experiences in the UK. Getting close to gorillas is almost unheard of in UK animal parks, but at Longleat you may even get to feed them their favourite snack. These lowland gorillas are famous for living on an island in the middle of Longleat’s half-mile pond – the lake that also houses Experiencey’s favourite hippo. (Unfortunately the park doesn’t run hippopotamus experiences but we’ll update this page if they ever change their minds.)

Book quickly before the experiences sell out.

The rarer experiences at Longleat tend to sell out really fast at the start of the season, so if you see on available, book it fast to make sure you get it. This is true for the gorilla experience and the red panda experience, which are both sold out at the time of writing. Availability tends to come and go so keep an eye out, or maybe contact them to ask when new dates are released.

You can see the UK’s other red panda experiences here:

VIP tours

If you prefer your animals at a distance, the VIP tours are a great gift too. The guided 4×4 Landrover tours take you into the heart of the safari with an expert guide and last 2+ hours. The silver tour also includes access to some animals such as lemurs and wallabies, while the gold tour includes lion and tiger feeding on top of everything else.

If you’re looking to buy a present for the tireless workers at Experiencey, we’d like the gold tour please. And a cake. We always need cake.



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