Bactrian and dromedary camels take up the most of the focus of Oasis Camel Park. We didn’t really need to say that as the clue is in the name. The park runs a few nice experiences and you can buy them direct. Most unsurprisingly involve camels.

Experience days at the Oasis Camel Park

  • Camel safari
  • Meerkat encounter
  • Ultimate experience – with both camels and meerkats
  • Ultimate experience plus – including the camel safari, llama walks and meerkat encounter and visit into the wallaby enclosure.

The family-run park sits in 11 acres in the Suffolk countryside and there’s none of the shiny commercialisation of other animal parks. This seems fitting though as camels are surely one of shaggiest and hilariously unkempt animals you can get, and a lot of the charm of the park comes from the rustic countryside setting.

The camel safari tells you all you need to know about the location and their experiences. Starting with llamas, you’ll learn about grooming and harnessing session before choosing your llama for a gentle stroll around the farm. After this you can dress up in traditional costumes (if you wish) and climb aboard a camel for a further 30 minutes.

Experiencey top tip

Camels are very high up and not the smoothest of rides so you’ll need a degree of fitness and agility. If you need advice on whether you’re suitable, just give them a call on 07836 734748.




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