The Oceanarium is an aquarium, but it’s not just random fish in tanks. They run a few surprising experience days focusing on animals that are at home in water. Here’s a list of the experiences you can buy direct from

  • Turtle Feeding Experience
  • Otter Enrichment Experience
  • VIP Penguin Feeding Experience
  • Aquarist for a day

Now you might think that turtles and otters have no place in an aquarium, but then you’d be an aquarium snob, and there’s nothing worse than aquarium snobs. You should be ashamed!

If you’re more open minded, then you’ll understand that aquariums can focus on all watery creatures, not just fish and prawns and stuff. This park has a nice collection of penguins and otters, as well as one of the only opportunities to feed turtles in the UK. The stand out experience, if you live water-dwelling creatures is the ‘aquarist for a day’ experience. We’ve got no idea what an aquarist is, but if we call it a ‘keeper for the day’ experience it may be a bit clearer what this experience entails. This is the sort of thing you’ll be doing on the day:

  • Morning checks
  • Maintening exhibits
  • Feeding some of the creatures, such as stingrays, sharks and turtles
  • Preparing food for the animals
  • Enriching some of the enclosures
  • Animal health checks

We’re happy that you get to interact with the turtles on this experience too, because they are brilliant – they’re not just little ones like terrapins – these are the proper massive turtles that are huge!





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