They don’t over-complicate things a Old King Street Farm. They run one llama trekking experience and they do it well.


Llama trek experience
You will help call in, catch, halter, groom and walk your llamas through local fields or beyond though the lovely Herefordshire countryside.

Because this is a nice small far, they can tailor the llama trek to your party’s requirements. It’s extra good because they don’t mix groups of trekkers so you won’t have random other people walking with you. Not that it’s a problem having other people there, but if you’re a socially inept idiot like most of us here at Experiencey, it’s always nice not to have extra people 🙂

Each trek experience lasts between two and three hours, and you can add extra people or llamas if you wish. Just let them know what you want when you’re buying


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