Paradise Park is based in Cornwall, and it specialises in Red Panda experiences.

It’s a lovely small park with a few nice animals including penguins and otters. The park only runs one type of animal experience day, but it’s good news for red panda fans because they run one of the UK’s favourite red panda experiences.

You can buy these experience days direct from Paradise Park

  • Red panda experience days

Red pandas are one of the perennial favourites, in the same way as meerkats and lemurs. We’re always seeing a lot of demand for red panda experiences, and it’s only getting greater as other locations tend to sell out quite early in the season.

Now this experience is a bit more expensive than your average red panda meet and greet, but there’s a £25 donation to the Red Panda Network for each Red Panda Experience booked. According to the park, you’ll get to feed, stroke and even get sat on by the red pandas, and that’s a lot more contact than you get in a lot of similar experiences. For example, when Experiencey went along to an experience in Hertfordshire we weren’t allowed to touch, and only got to handfeed the animals. Imagine how hard it is not to cuddle a red panda when he’s looking up at you in all his furry loveliness.!

Experiencey Top Tip

The park is not to be confused with the similarly named Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire. Gosh it’s confusing isn’t it with all these Paradisey Wildlifey places? What’s even more confusing is that the one in Hertfordshire used to be famous for their red panda experiences, but stopped running them recently for some reason.

We’ve heard from a few people who arrived in Hertfordshire ready for their experience, only to see that they’d bought it from the park in Cornwall.


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