Paradise Wildlife Park is Europe’s leading zoo for animal experiences.

Paradise Wildlife park is the granddad of all experience days. It’s one of the first zoos to really embrace animal experiences as a way of letting visitors get closer and more involved with the animals.

As a result, their range of animal experiences is second to none and thoroughly enjoyable, informative and provide a superb day out. Experiencey staff have personally taken about three or four experiences in the park, including the famous ‘tickle a tapir’ experience. And we paid for them all ourselves, before you accuse us of favouritism 🙂

The animals are well-cared-for and enclosed in environments as near to their natural surroundings as you can get in a park of this size.

You can buy these experience days direct from Paradise Wildlife Park

  • Feed the big cats (lions, tigers, leopards)
  • Big cat breakfast
  • Tiger tea
  • Feed the wolves
  • Shadow a zoo keeper/zookeeper for the day
  • Junior zookeeper for the day
  • Shadow a monkey keeper
  • Meet the meerkats
  • Meet the red pandas
  • Meet the lemurs
  • Tickle a tapir (sometimes I think it must be great being a tapir with everybody coming to tickle you!)
  • Photography days
  • Wildlife photography masterclass

Photography Masterclass

We all take our cameras or smart phones with us when we visit zoos or go on experience days, but how often have you checked out the results and been disappointed?

At Paradise Park, you have the chance to book a Wildlife photography masterclass where you’ll get personal tuition in how to get great results from photographing creatures big and small. You don’t need to be experienced, only keen to improve, so everybody is welcome no matter how good or less good their wildlife photography is at the moment.

What we’re sure of is that at the end of your day, your wildlife photographs will have improved into a different league!

Experiencey Top Tip

Don’t mistake this park for Paradise Wildlife Park in Cornwall. They run red panda experiences, but this park in Hertfordshire doesn’t!

All experiences include admission to the zoo park for the whole day, so we’d advise you to go early, stay late and make the most of it. One day is plenty to see all that is to be seen and learn all that is to be learnt, but we’re sure that one visit will lead to another and another and another!


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