Tucked away in the heart of the Peak District, Stanley Moor Farm has built up quite a little collection of animals, from goats through to chickens and of course llamas. And this is brilliant countryside for walking through any time of year, especially with a llama as your companion.

Large, woolly and amiable, these guys provide the perfect llama experience and are wonderful company, and this company provides a selection of llama walks for you to enjoy.

Llama Experience Days

  • The Chatsworth Walks – Take your llama round the fabulous grounds of Chatsworth House, Choose from short 2 hour walk or longer 4 hour walk with a stop for lunch.
  • The Ladybower Experience – Take your llama along the many scenic bridlepaths around the famous Ladybower Reservoir. This is a full day trek with a picnic lunch.

For both these llama experiences, you park nearby and the llamas come to meet you on site for your walk. What could be more convenient than that eh? There’ll be an experienced llama handler with you at all times, of course, but you get to do all the llama leading yourself. And feel free to ask the handler all those questions about llamas that you’ve been longing to ask.

Experiencey Top Tip

These guys might be large and friendly, but remember that you can’t ride them! They’ll carry your bags and walk alongside you at as slow a pace as you like, but they won’t take at all kindly to it if you try and sit on them. So our advice is – don’t!


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