Pesky Husky is a nice husky centre based in North Yorkshire It’s open all year round and they run three types of experience days:

Trekking – learn to become a musher and race a purpose-built two-wheel scooter on the special track. It’s not an awfully long course, but there’s plenty of distance to get the dogs up to speed.
Hiking – Walk on foot through the North Yorkshire Moors, accompanied by your own friendly husky. Hikes are available as a basic three mile hiking session, as a picnic hike or as an extended picnic hike.
Kennel visit – See the 30 sled dogs in their kennels and learn about the breed.

The thing about huskies is that they just love to run, and they’re at their happiest zooming across the countryside. These huskies dogs seem to be really well cared for and given loads of opportunities for running.This is extra-important because over half the dogs who live here have been rescued from unsuitable homes.

You can buy vouchers for the kennel and hiking sessions if you’re looking for a doggy gift.



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