The huskies at ‘Run With The Pack’ are special, and here’s why – They’re all rescue dogs and started off as unwanted animals. Now though you can see just how happy they are racing through the countryside.

If you want the experience of driving your own husky sled but don’t live in Alaska, then look no further than Run with the Pack Husky Experiences set in the scenic Ribble Valley in Lancashire. You don’t need snow as these dog sleds are on wheels, and the huskies don’t care what they’re pulling as long as they’re pulling something.

Each experience is tailored to the participants, so you can have it as fast or as slow as you want. You’ll be introduced to the dogs and the sleds, and given a lesson in the commands that make these guys run and, more importantly, make them stop. The normal experience will give you a slow run with two dogs followed by a faster run with three dogs.

Experiencey Top Tip

Huskies are best at home in cold and freezing weather – their thick coats keep them quite cosy in the fiercest of snow. So while they’re happy to pull sleds anywhere in the world they happen to be, they need to avoid too much exercise in the warm weather as they will simply overheat. So their activities may be a little curtailed in the summer months, and our advice is to pick a cold day outside of summer, when you can wear a thick coat yourself and your canine chums feel more at home.


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