This seal sanctuary tucked away on the Cornish coast is, as you’d expect, dedicated to the conservation and protection of seals and other marine creatures. 

As well as this though, they have  an important  education mission to make people in general more aware of the deep and its many and wonderful creatures, and what is necessary to maintain it in good order.

As part of their education programme, they offer some great fishy experience days where you can get familiar with, feed and lean all about the animals they look after.

Experience days at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary

  • Breakfast with the seals
  • VIP Southern sea lion feeding experience
  • Keeper for the day

If you’ve never fed a seal or a sea lion, we can honestly say that you’ll love it. They’re such attractive fellows with cute faces, though their breath might be a bit fishy at times!

The feeding experiences are an excellent introduction to these intelligent creatures, but if you’ve got the time to spare, then spending the day being a keeper and going behind the scenes will give you a whole new perspective on them.

You’ll have the chance to ask those sealy questions that have been nagging you, and find out the tips and secrets of working with these fine masters of the deep.

Experiencey Top Tip

These critters are brilliant, but they are very very fishy. If you think that walking past the fish counter in the market is fishy, then times that by ten and you’ll be somewhere nearer the mark! So make sure you’re only wearing gear that you won’t mind getting a little fish-stained and leave that Gucci in the wardrobe for another day.



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