Set in an acre of woodland garden, Shaldon Wildlife Trust is a nice small zoo with a few animal experience days. You can buy the following experiences direct from their website:

  • Zookeeper for a day
  • Junior zookeeper for a day
  • Meet the meerkats
  • Meet the lemurs

The lemur and meerkat experiences are a 20 minute meet and greet session where you can feed the furry monsters and get covered in bouncing animals.

The kids’ keeper experience for children age 8+ includes feeding lemurs and meerkats, bathing tortoises and enriching the enclosures for monkeys. At the end of the day they even get to meet the slow loris and feed him bugs. The adult zookeeper experience is similar but a bit more intense, as you’d expect, but it also lets you meet some margays – that’s a lovely cat like a small leopard if you didn’t know, but it can’t be that lovely if they don’t trust it with children!

If you’re interested in these experiences, click through to the Shaldon Wildlife Trust website where you can buy them direct.


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