This is a nice small park that focuses its energies on the smaller animals, and has the experience days to match.

Here’s a list of the experiences you can buy direct from Shepreth

  • Adult keeper experience
  • Junior keeper experience
  • Birds of prey
  • Meet the lemurs
  • Meet the meerkats
  • Mini keeper experience
  • Tiger keeper

Park entrance not included in the price of the following experiences

  • V.i.p. Animal encounter with skunks, snakes, lizards, rabbits or rats
  • V.i.p. Animal encounters in your own home – Available within 25 miles of the park
  • V.i.p. Bug experience

As the park deals with mainly small animal experiences, you’ll usually get to hold and stroke them, which you just don’t get with larger animals. Of course you don’t get to cuddle the tigers as they’d have your arm off.

Speaking of tigers, the experience is slightly different from other tiger days. You won’t be feeding them with a stick through the cage bars – this experience focuses more on enrichment. You’ll be preparing food, entering the enclosure and hiding food and scents (while the tigers are somewhere else). Then you can watch as the big cats investigate and hunt their prey.

And as a weird added extra experience, you can book an animal encounter in your own home if you live close enough. But not with a tiger obviously!


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