Did you know that you enjoy llama trek through beautiful countryside just 40 miles from the centre of London. Here’s a list of the llama treks you can buy from Surrey Hills llamas

The English Picnic Trek – Treks of between 4 to 5 hours through beautiful countryside, with a delicious picnic carried by your llama.
The Luxury Champagne Picnic Trek – A day-long trek with a luxury picnic and champagne. Each couple shares a llama.
Summer Evening Trek – A lovely evening trek with a gentle llama walk along woodland paths.
Winter Morning Trek – Put your pullover on and enjoy a morning walk with lunch in a historic country pub
The B&B Trek –  A day with llamas, a night in a luxury B&B and a three course dinner at the first llama pub in the country with llamas outside your room.

Experiencey top tip

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a llama fan the B&B trek is amazing. It’s obviously more expensive because it’s an overnight stay, but it’s llamas, llamas, everywhere!



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