Tank driving experiences in Scotland? That’s exactly what Tank Driving Scotland do best.

In Dundee you can get some of the best tank driving experiences available, so you certainly don’t miss out by being North of the border. Just picture yourself thrashing screaming tonnes of pure hot metal about the rough countryside! If there’s anything more exciting, then we don’t know of it.

Tank driving experiences available at Tank Driving Scotland

  • New recruit experience tank beginner course
  • Special tank drive for 2
  • Abbott Gun Tank
  • Combat engineering tractor and APC driving
  • Car crush experience

The range of tank driving packages is pretty extensive and covers anything from introductions to tanks and armoured vehicles right up to taking the controls yourself and driving an 18 tonne monster straight over a car! I don’t know what it is about car-crushing, but that does seem to be the pinnacle of most people’s ambitions when it comes to armoured vehicles. Do you want to drive a tank? you ask. Ooh, can I crush a car? And at the time of writing, we think this is one of only two places in the UK where you can pay to crush a car in a tank!

The car crushing antics aren’t cheap though, but then they¬†have the car to buy – yes even scrap cars cost money to get hold of and transport into position ready for the crushing.

Other experiences

The park also runs paintballing experiences, as well as experiences with Segways, archery and air rifle target shooting. You can see them here.



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