Ignore the bad pun that lends itself to this tank driving centre – it’s one of the most prestigious and well run tank driving centres in the UK today.

Tank driving experiences at Tanks-a-Lot

  • Half day experience
  • The Full Monty
  • Crush a Car

They are all about tanks, warfare and weaponry here, so for all you budding SAS personnel who don’t really want to risk getting hit, shot, stabbed or blown up, and don’t have three years to waste in training in the real armed forces (and probably wouldn’t pass the SAS medical anyway), then look no further.

There are experts in all aspects of the military here, and you can get talks and demonstrations as well as the opportunity to go thrashing round the countryside in a real military tank.

Small weapons, large weapons, they’re all here. You get to try them out, you get told the secrets and tips known to the SAS and other special forces of the world, and find out the inside gen that up to now, if somebody told you they’d have to kill you!

More about these tank driving experiences

Your tank-driving day can be short or long, ranging from a half day introduction up a full day with several different armoured vehicles in the famous Full Monty. The Full Monty features a number of military vehicles, combat techniques, and small weapons, before culminating in the car-crushing finale where the day’s top drivers get to ride in a tank that crushes a car.

Experiencey Top Tip

Crushing a car is very popular and seems to be the ultimate aim of a lot of people wanting a tank driving experience. But if you want to be sure of being the driver when crushing a car, you need to choose your experience carefully.

The Full Monty features a car crush, and you can be sure that you’ll at least watch it, but there’s fierce competition to be inside the tank as it goes over the unfortunate Morris Minor. Tank passengers are chosen from among the day’s best drivers in the earlier events. And even if you get to be in the tank, you may well not be the driver.

So if you want to be sure that you can drive over the poor old jalopy at the controls of a tank, then you need to pick the Crush a Car experience. It’s more costly than the Full Monty, but then you’re getting a whole car to yourself to crush, so that explains why.

We’d hate you to turn up expecting to be at the controls for the actual crushing and then be disappointed. So read the small print before you book!!

For us personally, we’re not that fussed about driving over a car ourselves, and we recommend the Full Monty for the overall top tank driving and military experience day, with its huge variety of weapons, combat types and vehicles.

So check out the details and decide for yourself!


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