Set in the picturesque Teme Valley, Temevale Alpacas (aka Grabbed by the Alpacas) runs a selection of alpaca experiences, including alpaca trekking where you take these cute and friendly guys out for a walk and chat to the handler to find out all the secrets and inside gen on these woolly inhabitants of the Andes.

If you’ve never been trekking with alpacas, you don’t know what you’re missing. You go at your own pace, so there’s none of the hard trekking that you usually associate with the word – it’s more of a leisurely stroll for you and your alpaca-for-the-day –

And taking advantage of the glorious location, these people do a nice line in Glamping, a fancy word that’s a combination of Glamour and Camping – that is camping without any of the cold, wet, damp, poor food and bad hygiene! Check it out at their sister website here.

Here at, we never were ones for camping, but Glamping is a whole different ball-game. So if you’re looking for a holiday with a difference, you could do worse than give it a go.


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