From huge rhinos to tiny meerkats and squawking penguins, the West Midlands Safari Park has one of the the UK’s biggest collections of animal experience days. The park really believes in letting people get respectfully close to the animals and we love the fact that the animals are free to roam, instead of being kept in cages.

This is one of the few animal parks that runs cheetah experiences, and here at Experiencey we absolutely love cheetahs, so they get top marks from us.

  • Junior keeper for the day
  • Feeding lemurs
  • Feeding giraffes
  • Feeding cheetahs
  • Feeding Tigers
  • Lemur & meerkat keeper
  • Rhino keeper for the day
  • Sea lion & penguin keeper
  • Feeding lions or tour the lion house
  • Ultimate big cats experience
  • Proposal with lemurs or lions
  • Star of the sea lions show
  • VIP tours and safari bus guided tours

The different types of experience

The animal experiences at the safari park can be split into 3 types – feeding animals, helping the animal keepers and, well, other stuff.

Feeding the animals

Most of the feeding experiences take place early in the morning, before the general public are allowed into the safari enclosures. They last an average of 30 minutes, because there’s only so long an animal can eat for, especially when they are raring to rampage around their enclosures at the start of the day. Once the experience is over you’re free to spend the rest of the day exploring the park.

The keeper experiences

These experiences take several hours, and consist of preparing food, feeding, cleaning up and helping out around the animals. It’s a more immersive experience than just feeding, and gives you a real insight into the animals and their daily lives.

Other experiences

Did you know you can propose to your significant other in front of a lion? Neither did we until we found out about West Midlands Safari Park. Too late for us though – maybe for our next marriage 😉

A disk of photos is included in the price of most of these experiences, so you can concentrate on enjoying the animals instead of snapping pics.

Our Experiencey top tip

You can’t book online, but there’s a phone number and email address where you can buy from. We’ve got no hesitation in saying that West Midlands Safari Park is one of out favourite experience providers. Go and look at their website. Go on. It’s brilliant!



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