There aren’t enough experience days with bears. We’ve got no idea why, but in all our exploration of experiences, we’ve only found two or three. But fear not, dear reader, as the Wildwood Trust has more than enough bears to go round. And it’s not just bears. No. Because they do experience days with Arctic foxes too! That’s two of the rarest experiences right there for you in one place!

Here’s a list of the experience days available direct from the Wildwood Trust:

  • Bear experience days
  • Night tours
  • Photography days
  • Arctic fox experience
  • Keeper for the day – only one person per month!
  • Junior keeper experiences – age 7-11

Bear experience days

Here at Experiencey we’re a bit cautious of bears. If a bear really wanted to, it could run faster than you, chase you up a tree and then munch your face off. It’s never actually happened to us but we’re constantly aware of the possibility of bears eating our faces

But believe it or not, there are some people in the UK who actually like bears in spite of their potential face-crunching tendencies. The bears at The Wildwood Trust are European brown bears, which probably don’t really eat people. They look lovely and well behaved, and on the bear experience you are not permitted into the enclosure however you are allowed within about half a metre of the fence. You can feed them too, but remember they’ll be thinking all the time about how they want to eat your face. ‘Cos that’s what bears do!

What about the other experiences?

It’s nice that this zoo has a number of original experiences. The night tour sounds like a fun way to see animals in a different light, especially nocturnal animals that prefer to splash about in the dark or roam about in moonlight. The photo experiences are good too, and a great way to improve your technique with a camera.

To book or enquire about any of these experiences, just give the park a call on 01227 712111



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