It’s Kent’s fastest growing zoo, and you can tell that Wingham Wildlife Park has been changing. We’ve heard a lot about price rises making Wingham park expensive, but as entry fees have helped pay for so many improvements to this clean and friendly zoo, they’ve got our full support!

Wingham has a nice range of animal experience days too, including one of the few experiences with red pandas that isn’t continually sold out!

You can buy these experiences direct from Wingham Wildlife Park:

  • Keeper for a day
  • Lemurs
  • Meerkats
  • Otters
  • Penguins
  • Pumas
  • Raccoons & coatis
  • Red pandas
  • Shadow a reptile keeper – with snakes, lizards, monitors, tegus and a Cuban crocodile.
  • Tigers
  • VIP tour


Forgive us for being obvious, but our favourite experience here is the puma experience. The others are good but just can’t compete with the puma. And why’s that? You get to stroke and tickle the puma!

OK, so we all know that the animals in zoos have to be kept as wild as possible so you can’t just go round snuggling them, but Binx the puma is hand-reared. This means that he’s used to human interaction and loves affection in the form of a good scratch and tickle. and what’s more, pumas are the only big cat that purr!

It’s still through the bars of a cage, but take a look at this video of Binx.

Anyway, moving on from Binx the puma (who we are all deeply in love with), there are plenty of other experience days with small but sometimes unusual creatures. The lizard experience will put you in contact with a whole range of lizardy goodness, while you can feed the racoons and coatis in one of the rarest animal experiences in the UK today.

Information about the zookeeper for a day experience

The keeper for a day experience gives you contact with a large variety of smaller animals including wallabies, ring tailed lemurs, deer and pheasants, but you won’t get to interact with the big cats, penguins etc which is a shame. As kids of 5 and up can take part (with adult supervision below 12) we’ve also included this as a junior zookeeper experience.


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