It’s South Yorkshire’s only Zoo, and dedicated to the conservation of wild animals. That’s why you’ll love one of their many and varied animal experiences where it’s just you, the animal and the keeper.

Get all the inside information, find out things you’ve always wanted to know about your favourite animal.

Choose from:

  • Ranger experience
  • Junior ranger experience (ages 10 to 15)
  • Carnivore experience – lions, amur tigers and African painted dogs.
  • VIP tour experience
  • Meet the Giant Otters
  • Polar bear experience
  • South American experience – Aardvarks and anteaters
  • A whole range of mini-experiences


One of the things we love about the Yorkshire Wildlife Park is that the animals have MASSIVE enclosures. This is also the main complaint that people have about the park, because if the animals choose to wander away then you can’t see much. Luckily this is not a problem for intrepid experience-buyers because on these special experiences you’re guaranteed to get really close to the animals. Hooray!

Polar Bear Experience

Now the fantastic thing is that we’ve not found anywhere else that you can experience polar bears, so this looks like another first for Yorkshire! So if you’re anywhere North of Watford, then you have the chance to go and meet Victor, Pixel, Nissan or Nobby up close and personal – or as close as anybody dare get to the biggest carnivores on the planet!

Yes, it’s only in Yorkshire that they’d call the King of the Arctic Wastes, Feared by all who Encounter him, by the majestic name of NOBBY!!! Feel free to call him Nobby, but don’t let him hear you!!

Or if Giant Anteaters and Armadillos are more to your liking, then look no further than the South American Experience.

All the fun and excitement of  one of the wildest continents on earth without the plane fare or taking off your shoes and belt at the airport!

Experiencey Top Tip

Meet meerkats, baboons, giraffes or spiders at a bargain price on one of the fabulous Mini-Experiences.

Possibly the most pocket-friendly way to meet these guys. And though you’ll need to pay admission to the park on top, it’s such a wonderful place that it’s well worth it!.


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