Zombie Experiences

Within easy reach of London, at Reading, Zed Events uses a 250,000 square foot abandoned shopping centre to host its zombie experiences. Minimum age is 16 so if you’ve buying for older kids there’s a bit more leeway than the usual age of 18 for most similar experiences.

It’s a big location too – they boast over 200 rooms with more variations than you can shake a stick at (or wave a shotgun at) of locations and zombie-occupied scenarios. There’s armouries, and morgues of course, as well as shops and even a haunted children’s soft play area! With all that space, there’s plenty of room for loads and loads of zombies to hide.

One thing is for sure, just when you think you’ve found a safe area where the legions of the undead can’t get at you, that safe area becomes distinctly unsafe. And don’t count on your fellow-zombie-hunting team mates to help you either. In this game it’s can turn into every man for himself. And as a special treat, there’s a laboratory where clinical trials are under way to produce – well, you’ll need to go there to find out what it produces. But don’t expect it to be friendly!

Experiencey Top Tip

Zed Events are proud of their modified shotgun weapons that you get issued with in your (hopefully successful) attempt to wipe out the zombies before they wipe you out. These guns produce smoke and a loud bang, as well as a top-secret anti-zombie ray that will see your undead enemies go up in smoke.

And a final tip, remember that the undead aren’t as clean or hygienic as you, so they’ll be filthy, slobbering, drooling, putrefying all over you as they attempt to grab you and throw you to the ground. So only wear clothes that you don’t mind getting zombied on.

Enjoy yourself 🙂




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