Zombie Infection is a fun company that runs zombie experiences around the UK. These are full body contact experiences where you’re likely to get wrestled to the ground by the screaming undead, so they’re only suitable for ages 18+. We’ve said that some of the other zombie experiences are intense, but these guys make it super-intense.

More about these zombie experiences

The events last two or three hours depending on the location, but generally you will be fighting for your survival through hoards of free-roaming zombies. You’ll have missions and objectives, oh, and you’ll be shooting the zombies with airsoft guns too.

The experience starts with weapons training to ensure you’re comfortable with the weapons you’ll be using to shoot zombies. Then you’re split into teams and compete against each other and the zombies to achieve tasks. The good news is you don’t actually die if you lose, but they do make it pretty uncomfortable for you!


  • Liverpool – enter the hospital for the criminally insane, locate all vital information and find the cure. The zombies are extra-crazy here too.
  • Sheffield – a huge abandoned factory with access to the main floors, stairwells, side offices and across the skybridge into the old administration block.
  • Rutland, Leicestershire – Enter a prison filled with the worst type of zombies and complete all missions before extracting your team.
  • Birmingham – Located in the city centre, the Facility has hidden behind the facade of a multi storey office block, but behind the thick concrete walls there is more than meets the eye.
  • West Bromwich – a fast paced story-driven experience set in an 18th century courthouse, with immersive theatre, mind blowing action and escape room puzzles in two hours of zombie adrenaline.


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  1. Mike brockway
    By Mike Brockway - September 3, 2017

    Went to the facility in Birmingham. Whole experience was absolutely brilliant. From the living to the dead, I couldn’t fault anyone. Will definitely be back to try Leicester prison.

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