Based in Chesterfield, the site is the centre of the outbreak and has been fenced off from the public. Consisting of 3 floors, the 90,000 square metre site is a labyrinth of rooms, open areas, stairways, secret tunnels and openings. There is also an open area village with abandoned military vehicles and other zombie stuff. It’s a really dramatic setup.

These experiences follow the usual content of a zombie experience. It’s about three hours, starting with safety briefing and instructions on how to use your airsoft weapons, followed by a frenzied zombie free-for-all. As always, you have a bunch of tasks to complete to keep you focused while the zombies shamble towards you.

The minimum age to take part is 16, so if you’re looking for somewhere to send your 16+ kids who are too young for the majority of zombie experiences, then this is a good bet.¬†Weapons upgrades and extra magazines are available to buy on the day but ammo is always limited, as it probably is in real zombie uprisings.


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