Whipsnade is the bigger brother of London zoo. Because it’s out in the countryside away from London, near Milton Keynes, the zoological park doesn’t have the same limits on space that can make London zoo a bit cramped.

This also means that Whipsnade can accommodate some of the larger animals that wouldn’t have space in the capital. And this means you’re in for a treat if you want to get close to bigger animals on animal experience days.

At Whipsnade you can buy experience days with elephants, giraffes, and big cats (lions and even feeding tigers), as well as the usual zoo keeper for a day experiences. There are also plenty of kids’ experiences, such as junior zookeeper for a day and zoo explorers for 5-7 year olds.

And just like London zoo, Whipsnade also runs wildlife photography workshops, run by professional photographer Dave Stevenson.

It’s important to note that if you buy a ‘meet the animals’ experience, this doesn’t cover park entry so the lucky recipient will need to buy a ticket to get into the park. Maybe this is why Whipsnade have included some of their ‘meet the animals’ experiences into gift packs, which include zoo entry for 2 people and one Meet the Animals experience for 2 people.

Remember that experiences differ between the two zoos, and because they share different parts of the same website, it get’s a bit confusing about which experiences are available where!



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